L'oreal Sublime Bronze Water Mousse

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Summertime = Tan Lines  

Unless you are like me and fry up and burn in the sun...that’s why I LOVE self tanners! I have tried so many over the years not just because I’m picky but I love trying new formula and brands.

I have tried so many different formulas all from drug store to high end.

But this time I feel like I have found a gem! I was at Target just browsing through the sun tan isle when I saw a formula that I have never used before. Water Mousse!

L’oreal Paris has released Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mousse and I am in LOVE.

So one really important thing to me is how quickly I can get it done. I don’t like using mits because once your done tanning you have to get soap and clean in off and just takes up time. With this you can just use your hands.

It does have a scent but it is not your typical self tanning smell just more like a perfume.

What makes it so unique to me is unlike regular mousse that can be thick this turns to water...I mean obviously because of the name..but it just makes it so easy to rub in!

I don’t have problems with any streaks and you can build up to the color you want by using it everyday.

(The picture looks a little orange but that's just the lighting)

I have already gone through a whole bottle using it quite frequently it lasted a month.

Now to the best part you can get it at Target for like $8! I don’t know why it is so much cheaper at Target because at Ulta it is $14 (still worth it at that price)

I have already recommended this to my family and friends!

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