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I am all about trying new makeup! But today we are going to talk about my staple make up products. These are products that I have repurchased multiple times and are hard for me to replace! 

We will start out with foundation my go to have purchased a million times and will continue to is It Cosmetics CC Cream in the shade Light. It is pretty full coverage especially depending on how you apply it; with a beauty sponge, you are going to get more of a natural finish than if you apply with your fingers or brush. I love that it has SPF for those days your in the sun. I really couldn't recommend this enough.

- Available in 12 shades - $39


 For makeup brushes, I have to go with It Cosmetics again! I feel like their brushes are just very high quality and they last! 

Love is the Foundation Brush - I thought this brush was only available in October for Breast Cancer Awareness, but when I looked it up on the Ulta website it said it was available. I believe they are only available in stores during October but can be purchased online. This brush is very dense and I feel like it does an amazing job blending out my foundation. My only negative is that they change these brushes up a little bit every year. So as much as I love the one I have it could be completely different from the ones they release this year. $30

Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 - This is such an awesome everyday brush. It truly gives you the airbrush look. $24


I promise that this blog is not sponsored by It Cosmetics and this is the last thing I will mention from them! I just truly love this brand! For Bronzer I use the Bye Bye Pores Bronzer - The color of this bronzer looks super deep in the pan but it does not come off that dark. This is very blendable and I do feel like it minimizes the appearance of pores. $30


For Highlighter I do use a lot of different products depending on what look I'm going for. But the one I would recommend time and time again is the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in the shade Be my Highlight this is for sure a natural high light but I LOVE it. It's only $4.49 which for the price and quality I recommend everyone give it a try! 


This is one product that I feel like has had a lot of hype and it is well deserved! The L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara is one of my all-time favorites and I'm not sure how another mascara will top it. I use the lash paradise primer which helps me to use less of the actual mascara...and the volume that this gives me for the price is pretty unbeatable. 

- This has 4 different shades. $10.99


 For eyeshadow pretty much everything at Colourpop is my favorite! Currently, my two favorite palettes are Going Coconuts ($12) and the Elsa Palette ($15). The pigmentation and quality of the shadows are just amazing. Colourpop is up there for one of my favorite brands!  


Colourpop also makes some of my favorite lip products! My go-to right now is a Blotted Lip in the shade Zuma


And finally to set this all in the Morphe Setting Spray ($16) is my favorite one out there. I feel like this really helps blend all my make up together. They spray on this as well is better than anything out there it is a mist so you can cover your face without it feeling soaked. 


These are all of my favorite products! I am excited to try new ones throughout this year and see if they can beat any of these out (: 


What are your favorite make up products?? 


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